24-Hour Survival Challenge KIT

24-Hour Survival Challenge KIT

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Back in beginning of the year, my son and his best friend read the Hatchet book series. After book one, they immediately began planning their own Survival Challenge. They were so intrigue with Brian’s story of survival they just had to experience it. First request, “Can you drop us off in the middle of the forest in Montana?” Nope, not a viable option. How about back pasture and preserve behind us? They set the date, planned accordingly, and had the BEST TWO DAYS OF THEIR LIVES!

Requests for ideas, how they did it, what they took, etc., started coming through messages & comments on Instagram. So we put it together this downloadable 24-Hour Survival Challenge. 

24-Hour Survival Download is a labor love created by these two boys, and a little help from mama. This 30-page unit study is packed full of excitement, preparation, education, research, and adventure. 

  • Challenge Kit includes 1 Adventure Pennant, 1 Mini Leather Adventure Journal, 1Arboretum Poster and Vintage Wall Hanging Kit, and 1 Survival Download.  

We want everyone to join in the next Survival Challenge!!

The date is set for Friday, October 26 10:00am EST through Saturday, October 27 10:00am EST. The boys are planning for the challenge and hope that all of their friends across the country and world will join them!!!

Everyone who participates & posts pictures on IG tagging @80oaksranch, @80oaksmarket, and #24hoursurvivalchallange will have access to purchase a limited edition “I SURVIVED” t-shirt once the challenge is completed. These t-shirts will only be available for those that participate! Tailor the challenge to meet the needs of your children. Everyone will have their own, and that is PERFECT! Just join in the challenge! ⁣⁣⁣